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Take your training to the next level through an enhanced understanding of your physical capacities. 

We have access to gold standard testing modalities, unique in Queenstown, quantifying your outputs for use in exercise prescription, seasonal team reporting, pre- and post-surgical assessment and more.

If you're not assessing, you're guessing

Movement Screening: $90

  • Screening for limb-symmetries, muscle and joint ROM, and collecting history to guide any interventions.
    • This assessment will take 30 min, and you will receive a report, interpreting your results.


  • Strength and Power: $155

    • With the use of VALD Force Decks, the best way to assess physical qualities and clearly define any key S&C training needs. From this equipment we can measure your rate of force development and force capabilities, power, stability, Dynamic Strength Index and limb symmetries.

    • Combines with the movement screening.

    • Tests take up to 60mins and you’ll receive a report of your results with interpretations, useful for your on-going planning.


  • Aerobic capacity:

    • Explore the data behind your aerobic function, power, and lactate thresholds, using the results to establish a profile for ongoing training.

    • $250: VO2 Master analyser, Blood Lactate, Wahoo trainer. This session takes 1 hour. You will receive a report summarising your data with interpretations. (BYO road bike).

    • $100: Wattbike RAMP test without gas analysis (estimated VO2max is accurate to within 1%). This protocol also outputs your power profiles and training zones.


  • Anaerobic capacity and power:

    • Wingate Test on the Wattbike

    • $60: Power peak, power average and decay for 30 seconds all out effort, as well as limb symmetry and peak force angle on the pedal stroke.


Optional next step:

  • Training in the Remarkable Physios gym with Ben under a tailored program periodised to the developmental goals identified in the assessments. Considerations also made on an ATP (Annual Training Plan) shared between the athlete, coach and APQ, with retest dates identified.

    • See our services page here

Looking for testing options for a full sports team? Get in touch here.

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