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strength & conditioning

Fostering athletic potential, enhancing the pathway of return from injury and enabling athletes to realise their goals.

Alpine Performance Queenstown's mission is to foster athletic potential and enable all people, across all levels of readiness, to realise their goals. From injury recovery to pinnacle event performance, Alpine Performance Queenstown focuses on delivering considered, research-driven and stage effective programming that suits individual needs.

In addition to client injury return-to-sport (RTS) programming, APQ Strength & Conditioning programs also promote the physical literacy and long-term athletic development of some of Snow Sports New Zealand's most talented youth development athletes, whilst annual periodised programs enhance the performance of the fastest alpine ski racers in New Zealand.

Alpine Performance Queenstown currently leads the Strength & Conditioning for athletes of the New Zealand Ski Team and Coberger Academy, balancing current research, practical application and each athlete's needs. 

Strength & Conditioning services include:

  • Rehabilitation/Injury Recovery Strength and Conditioning, in coordination with medical and/or physiotherapist consultation.

  • Sport and needs specific athletic programming (private and team) 

  • Educating coaches and athletes to achieve stronger results through a greater understanding of their needs and the necessary processes

  • Athletic development consulting (from youth athletes to masters level)