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Alpine Performance Queenstown's mission is to  enable all people, across all levels of readiness, to realise their goals. From injury recovery to pinnacle event performance, we work with some of Queenstown’s premier allied health providers to deliver considered, research-driven and stage effective programming that suits individual needs.

Fostering athletic potential, enhancing the return from injury 

This does mean a larger initial commitment than basic at-home programming, or working out solo in the gym, but when considered against the higher quality outcomes that we can achieve in-person, the value is clear.

Athlete Development program

  • Full time programming for athletes. From juniors to elites and everything in between. If you have a goal, you can have a spot in this program.

  • 4 week blocks - pre-set timetables to pick from.

  • Long-term development-based planning. Baseline screening or performance testing as required.

  • 2x per week trainings in the gym, plus programming for the remainder of the week.

  • 10 roster spaces available only.


$600 per block (upgrade to 3x per week = $720)

Injury Rehabilitation and Return-to-Sport

  • 4 week blocks in-person training and programming for full-time attention to ensuring a successful injury rehab. Pre-set timetables to pick from.

  • 2x per week trainings in the gym with us, plus programming for the remainder of the week. Structured to meet your current point in the return to sport pathway.

  • Baseline screening and RTS/exit testing as appropriate.

  • The goal is to get you back to sport, educated in your training needs and confident to continue without a trainer!

  • 10 roster spaces only.


  • $600 per block

Remote Athlete / Rehab Programming

  • 4 week blocks using the Teambuildr app.

  • Full time personalised programming for athletes unable to train in-person with us.

  • Only available to athletes who have worked with us in-person already.

  • 10 spaces only


  • $250 per block

Terms and Conditions: Pricing as of July 1, 2022. In-person block programs are purchased for the duration of the four week block from the date of baseline screening or the first training session, whichever is earlier, and are invoiced on the first week of the block. In the event of public holidays or coach schedule changes, alternate training time options will be provided in advance. Block in-person trainings work up to 3 athletes each session. For private 60min sessions please contact us. Sessions missed with acceptable notice may be able to train at an alternate session within the 4-week block. Missed trainings without prior notice are deemed a no-show for which replacement trainings are not offered. Teambuildr access is provided for the duration of programs only. All intellectual property in the programs provided remains that of APQ at the cessation of training. Please note that APQ is not an ACC or private healthcare insurance provider.

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